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Take the child to a doctor first for a psychiatric problem!

Take the child to a doctor first for a psychiatric problem!

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Bleeding, headache, continuous flushing, exclamation, inattention, lack of speech - typically signs of psychological problems. And they are typically those that can be a disease that is simply or just not easily treatable in the background.

It may seem like an extraordinary run for a child in a difficult situation to go to the doctor for advice as the problem may have become a psychic root. But beware, they are traps.

Ъjra bepisil

Gabi he comes to see that his little boy is old peed, the purity of the night is well remembered. They move because of family choice, the atmosphere is not too rusty, though parents try to choose. It is the mother's request to find some good method of restoring room cleanliness, or if she does not go, to seek psychotherapy for the baby boy.
Although all indications are that the choice and the move will carry the baby boy, I suggest in particular that see your doctor, send a urine sample for breeding, and ask for a specialist examination. It turned out that Pete has a chronic urinary tract infection, which makes it difficult to hold urine. After the targeted antibiotic treatment, the problem disappeared.

I'm a bad mother!

Erika his son was six weeks old when they contacted me. The baby was moving around day and night, only to be relaxed while breastfeeding. Erika found herself in need of help, so she felt she was unsuitable for maternity, and that is why the baby would love so much. Some have even thought about simply throwing it out of the window or leaving it at home, and they will go away or possibly be trapped. Beni we were constantly crying or screaming, we could barely talk during the visit. On request, Erika said that the baby's fawn is red, her buttocks are red, and her skin on her hands, red, is dry. I suggested that you go on a ten-day, totally milk-free diet, and watch over if your baby's condition improves. If this does not bring relief, consult a child gastroenterologist. This diet also failed because of the failure of the diet. The doctor added further food prohibitions: Erika left the eggs and the oily seeds in addition to the milk. Benit's been exchanged. Diarrhea and skin conditions have disappeared. Erika didn't want to throw her out the window. By the time she was able to sleep more at night, breastfeeding at night was only breastfeeding, and she did not have to spend long hours with her baby boy. Nor did he need a psychologist.

Selective hearing?

Rosie цtйves. One day, parents and newborns found that they did not pay attention when they gave birth to them, and only responded when they were nursing. Because the baby had defiant periods, this "occasional scurry" was also considered defiant. Rosie gave birth to her little brother a couple of months ago, which is why she was defiant.
Although the hypothesis seemed to be well founded, I suggested that the psychiatrist should take the baby to a physician for ear-nose-to-mouth before the psychological causes. It turned out that Rozi had duodenal inflammation, the only common symptom of which was hearing loss.
Specialist examination and doctor-guided therapy in all three cases for rapid improvement and brought peace. In either case, it would not be a good idea for the family to deal with a psychological problem further. Of course, in the background of illness, there can be a psychological cause that can even be counseled. But not a proper diagnosis or specialist treatment.


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