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The summer break will never be shorter

The summer break will never be shorter

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Although your Neapolitan reportedly said that your school year could be up to two weeks longer and your summer break would be so shorter, Emmi says.

The summer break will never be shorterFrom your near-by sources, Napewa reported that your summer break would be shorter next year, and that the duration of your school hours at primary schools would be longer. The paper felt that the government now seems to implement the idea that it had planned to make the summer break shorter and to extend the classroom by employing it in cool or regular occupations. Previously, the need for action was justified by the fact that the long summer break is a problem in many families. The decision, according to sources in the paper, has not been preceded by any professional consultation and schools have not yet received the curriculum for 2018/199, although this is usually the case when it comes to publicity. Emmi the order of the school is unchanged, the board does not plan to change the length of the school. children and their families. The educators involved are eligible for the benefit, and participation is not compulsory for them, "
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