There is no "healthy stone"

There is no "healthy stone"

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Although we often hear the expression "healthy stone", it is conceivable that it is just a myth, and in fact there is no such person.

There is no "healthy stone"

People with disabilities have a significantly greater chance of developing heart disease than their normal-weight counterparts. cholesterol levels, not bad tests for sugar and not diabetic. However, we cannot pretend to be research-based if you are suffering from inattention or stroke. 2015. All of the participants died without heart disease at the start of the study. It turned out that these normal people, called healthy people, 50 percent more likely patients with heart disease, increased risk of stroke by 7 percent, and increased risk of heart failure by twice as many. , it is important to help you lose weight as soon as possible йletmуdvбltбs it also draws attention to it.
- One in three six-nine-year-olds in Europe is overweight or pregnant
- The children of women who have become pregnant are more likely to be pregnant


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