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So many weeks of pregnancy reduce the risk of breastfeeding

So many weeks of pregnancy reduce the risk of breastfeeding

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According to a Danish-Norwegian study, women who are pregnant for at least 34 weeks are at risk of developing breasts. But only under the age of 30.

If you are pregnant for at least 34 weeks, your risk of breast cancer will decreasePregnancy and the relationship between breasts have been known so far: pregnancy reduces the risk of developing breast. Now, Danish-Norwegian researchers have estimated that data from millions of women show that pregnancy is delayed by 34 weeks, which significantly reduces the risk of developing breast breasts. What's happening is that I still can't know. After week 34, the risk of developing cancer is reduced, but not as much as at that particular week 34. However, this is only true up to the age of 30. This is also the case with the mother of low born babies and it can be concluded that this effect is in fact related to pregnancy and not to breastfeeding.
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