Fire is the most intense talk they have about being a baby

Fire is the most intense talk they have about being a baby

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The embossed tummy is hard to hide, but you might not want to hide it. What can you do to start with almost everyone contributing something? Who's kind, who's annoyed.

Have you dared to have children in this terrible world?

The one who is just looking at the world is shaking. She thinks it would be better to resolve each other from now on, and no child would be born into such uncertainty. Don't let yourself be unsure, since the world is not terrible at all, you can list just as much evidence as the opposite. If you want to talk, list the reasons why you are not worried about the situation.Why do my little ones get "nice" calls?

Are you still half-hearted? You look like you're expecting twins!

This is especially for those who are worried about diligently breeding gulls, or who feel like a baby as well. Don't take your heart! Now anyway, those baby clothes that are thoroughly fashionable highlight the tummy. In other words, you might realize that you are deliberately looking like you're expecting twins!

Random or planned?

Quite an evil request, for somewhere there is a presumption that, albeit, it can only be an accident, a normal person of this age, so many times, does not give birth to such conditions. Because this is most often nailed to a large child or a very young or over forty baby.

What about your job?

Start by saying that you are not anxious and anxious, but simply curious how you will solve don't talk, don't filter it out with you, don't hire you. If you do not want to discuss your situation with him, first of all, you have to say: unfortunately, you do not have the skills to come, but somehow you will be sure, because the world needs you.

How are you going to teach your child a small child?

If you are tired of waiting for your answers many times, feel free to ask what you think is such an impossible task. You might say that women's mental and physical abilities are known to increase during breastfeeding. Not to mention creativity!

Now, they'll be on their way to a golden age! Welcome to the parents' club!

Just ask me back calmly: Do you think that this is how gold lives on? Mesйlj!

Let's hope they will, they have less trouble!

It's hard to know what you're doing better: if you're crazy or if you keep the sex secret. You may be listening to some running ideas in the last few months. Many will draw conclusions about the shape of the abdomen, the number of pounds they pick up, or the gender of the baby to see if it satisfies at the beginning. Whichever solution you choose, you'll surely hear a thousand times fiъ- and girlfriends opinion, but then resignedly added: after all, be healthy!

Do you know what his name is?

It's easier to get a lottery hit than to find a name that everyone is happy with. You can count them telling how awful or just cute they are, their relatives have exactly the same name, creative creators have a long poem about the name, a tiny little bit, just a little bit. If you are disturbed, you are encouraged to proclaim after birth how it is nйv if you decide, the comments will be more subdued.

Oh, did you hear what happened to poor Katba?

If you are not careful, the world is all childbirth megtalбl. If not Kat, it is the interviewer's own parenting and voicing. These are often unsure, frightening stories. You better close your eyes. Your case is completely different.

Are you always in one ???

Lately, you are thrilled by the impatience and excitement of many impatient and untrained inquiries. Don't hesitate to look for sms or news from other channels about your baby's birth, and make calls every day to see if you feel anything. It might be better to set up a call. Or "forget about the phone" at home when you're out walking.
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