If we do this at bedtime, we may temporarily lose our sight

If we do this at bedtime, we may temporarily lose our sight

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In short-term optical sensing, smartphone users may, in some cases, year-over-year believe that they have lost sight of one of their eyes.

If we do this at bedtime, we may temporarily lose our sight

Temporary loss of life can happen when someone is reading on their smartphone while lying on the side - Explained Dr. Gordon Plant, an ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. When they then get up to do something else, they can suddenly lose sight of the looking at a smartphone. Fortunately only Transition current event There are some that last for a few minutes and do not involve the risk of permanent damage.Dr. Plant said in a recent study in the June 23 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine that those concerned did not believe they had had a stroke or were in some other medical emergency. " Plant. "I wanted to talk about it because it can cause significant anxiety in patients and lead to unnecessary exams because patients and their doctors might think that you have a Transient Ischemic Seizure (TIA)." TIA is a transient cerebral circulation disorder that can be a sign of cerebral hemorrhage. "Optical deception" is caused by the ability of the eye to adapt to darkness. It is like when our eyesight is dim, when we move from a very bright place to a very dark place.
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