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April fears, big questions about the babies

April fears, big questions about the babies

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April fears, big questions about the babies

Young moms are full of anxious concerns about their baby. Are you well advanced, are you getting everything you need, and are you able to provide her with full maternal care. I was very pleased to receive the advice of the chat in his chat.

The wanderlust is also a star

Just as the first, noisy family fun when the baby arrives, and the young father's freedom is over, the newborn moms are pretty much on their own. Even childless friends are almost fleeing from "nappy-smelling" messages, and grandmothers listen to them with a nostalgic smile at best: "how much did we do", that is, they can't really turn to the bigger ones. This isolation can be greatly alleviated by the Internet, where - for example - can be found in the list of friends. However, there are times when you may encounter problems that go beyond a friendly conversation, and which you do not want to go to a pediatrician for, but would benefit from the help of a specialist. In Hungary, unique in Europe, many others have found the institution of the Guardian to help in this situation. The ward regularly visits infants born in the ward, goes to the house, and gives care to the baby.
Konczné Bakos Mбria Thirty years ago, she is the mother of two grown children herself, an expert in infant care. Not only has he provided advice on care for his own community, but has also published a book titled Baba Born, and will now be available online on and on the council. It was easy for the experts in our Chatvendé series to answer the request for the teasers that were made.

Hanger requests

Does my 8-month-old baby have a tooth that I can best help him not to hurt so much?
You can get a toothless gel, drops, brushes, and it is nice to rub the lips with a clean finger. Bread, croissants can be given into the mouth, but if you are in pain, you do not have to force it.
My son, 21 days old and unwilling to brush his teeth, yells, flees, even though we buy him colored baby toothbrushes. How can I get my teeth brushed?
If you see how your adults or older siblings are brushing their teeth, you will sooner or later be ashamed of this activity. It must be guided playfully, without any ease.
How long should I let my son cum? Is there any disadvantage to cumulation?
You do not have to take the pacifier, because it will comfort you and it will be your consolation too. If you only need to fall asleep and have some sorrow, he will leave you alone sooner or later. But if you use it permanently, it can also have the disadvantage of deforming your teeth.

Blah, blah, sweet blah…

It's very difficult to put the baby to sleep at night, what should I do?
It is now possible to open a window in the spring, and sleep well with the window open. Even if the baby's tummy beats, they can cry very well. Massage works well, and if necessary, a freeze-dried image can be used. You also need to think about your agenda for the rest, because anxiety can also be a cause of systemic disorder. Observe when you last eat in the evening that there is no air left in your stomach, etc.
My three-month-old baby boy gives birth to up to 40 minutes during the day (20 minutes after anesthesia). Is this normal?
The need for sleep can be very different in principle, but you should have as much as 2-3 ounces. All conditions need to be checked to see if you have stomach fat, how much you grew, how much you passed one day, how much fatigued you were, how much you paid after eating, etc.
My six-month-old son is up to 3 ounces of sleep every night, how can I stop him from such a frequent night meal?
First spatula should be selected with cooked halves, possibly in dune.

Hey, kid

My little son was a very calm kid, but two weeks ago, his illness had been shit a lot, he was flattering the street, nothing was good for him, and he was eager to eat. What can I do with it?
Usually, the hysterics start with something unpleasant, when something happens in the family or on the playground, which can be due to pain, anxiety, fear, and in this case, it is likely that the disease remains. With a lot of patience, games, tales, talks you can solve this tension. If you are a hobbyist about eating, you should try to make nice foods and snacks that you like, but if you do not eat them, you should not miss that meal. It is not worth worrying about what people are saying about the street scenes, because everyone has done this with their own children. As it is neither worth nor worthy to be included in a similar scene, it should not be overlooked if they are fussing, giving advice, etc. the bikes.

Цrцkmozgу starts

I love to massage the baby, he loves it too, but when I get to his chest, he starts to get nervous. What could be the reason for him having a lot of 5-8 minutes or doing it wrong?
Most babies do not like all massages, they should be left out who are protesting. 5-8 minutes at a time. Care should also be taken not to bathe naked. Massage oil is a cold-pressed vegetable oil, like baby oil. The essence of massage is affectionate togetherness, touching, it is important that you feel good even at this time.
What kind of gymnastics does the athleticism help?
You could, for example, curl up in a large sheet and massage the leg a little.
My baby is already in the cage, clinging to the bed when I buy shoes for him?
He doesn't need shoes yet.

Problems under the diaper

When and how can I get my two-wheeled son used to a party?
You need to force it occasionally, let it do, but if you protest it, don't force it, not all children get caught up in certain activities at the same time. If you can observe "production" on a regular basis, such as "big stuff" after breakfast, then it is worthwhile to do a party at that time.
My half-year-old son gets upset several times a day as if the cold is shaking. Why could this be?
Experience has shown that this occurs most often when the little pee is just not a cause for concern.
My belly is nine months old, and it has got some blood. The doctor told me not to give her formula, but she wouldn't accept anything else in the evening. Can we stay with the diet after all?
If you are on a daily diet, get a meal, get apples, fries, biscuits, then you can go on a diet in the evening, as you have to eat something and your fluid intake is also important.


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