More money goes to bear treatments

More money goes to bear treatments

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In 2018 and next year, the government provided a total of 4.5 billion forints for infertility treatment. The number of procedures is increasing and more medicines are available.

More money goes to bear treatmentsThe Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) said in a statement to MTI that the government has expanded its social security funded flask program. Thanks to the widening of aids today, if one of the first flasks is successful, then the next child, children, will have the opportunity to intervene four or more times the number of women who give birth to their first child between the ages of 35 and 40. As age advances in fertilization capacity dips, the consequence is that there is a growing need for artificial fertilization procedures. The flask program can be a great help for childless couples, as it can give them the opportunity to have a child, even if they have infertility problems. more than that, around 2000 billion HUF will be spent on this goal.
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